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I'm a doctor turned fitness entrepreneur, driven by a passion for physical and mental wellness and a strong desire to help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle. I was a track athlete in school and had to give up on sport to pursue a medical degree. After 8 strenueous years in medical school, I worked at a bariatric hospital and witnesssed the shockingly large number of people suffering from preventable lifestyle diseases. Around this time, I also noticed how physically unfit and mentally drained I've become and decided to try CrossFit. This, was the turning point of my career. Nothing felt more rewarding than working hard on myself and watching as the results manifested. I started to feel strong, positive, confident and indomitable. I found my true passion and decided to switch careers.

I worked as the Studio Manager and Head Trainer for an Australian fitness franchise called F45 for 4 years. 

I went on to get multiple fitness certifications, and started working as a personal trainer, putting together my medical education and fitness experience. This set me apart from trainers with no medical background and doctors with no experience with exercise. With the right balance between the two, I was able to create a more holistic training regime and stand out as a coach. Somewhere down that road, I came across Buddhism, that inspired and led me to factor the power of the mind into the equation. That is what led to Vigour.


Vigour is everything I believe in, everything I do, everything I stand for, under one roof. True wellness, I’ve come to realise, is not just a sound body, but a sound mind to accompany it as well. Vigour aims to unify the body and the mind in a harmonious symphony, helping you become strong, fierce and unstoppable. Our motto is to fall in love with taking care of yourself - physically, mentally and emotionally.


As a Medical professional who is in the fitness industry, I’ve seen numerous instances where people mindlessly push forward into a world where they have more to lose than to gain. Finding a balance between fitness, nutrition and sound mental health is key, and maintaining that balance is the goal. With all that said, welcome to the Vigour family.

About Vigour


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