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Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Cancellations by you

You (or any member of your party) may cancel your booking at any time, however no refunds are provided. However, if you find another person to take your place (under your own advertising on your own platforms), then you may offer your place to him/her, this is at our own discretion and you must consult with us first.

Cancellations by Citta Fitness
In the unlikely event of a cancellation by us, participants will receive a full refund of all payments made to Citta Fitness. We are not responsible for reimbursing the cost of travel or any other expenses incurred by participants.

Force Majeure
No refunds or compensation will be given for cancellations or changes resulting from force majeure, including natural disasters, war, terrorism, or sickness.

For any inquiries regarding cancellations and refunds, please contact us at

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