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What it includes ? 

  1. Corporate Fitness Sessions:

    It’s valuable to encourage workers to incorporate physical activity during the workday. Who doesn’t love a quick sweat session to break up the day

  2. Boot camps (cardio, strength training, stretching)

  3. Wellness Sessions:

    These sessions introduce wellness to participants through an interactive presentation that highlights the need to Make Wellness a Priority. These sessions are designed to provide participants with realistic expectations and sustainable tools for a well­ balanced healthy lifestyle. Topic ideas include, but are not limited to the following list.

  • On the job flexibility and strength training.

  • Stress and time management

  • Importance of sleep

  • Nutrition and meal planning


Corporate Wellness

We develop customized fun and informative programs to help motivate and inspire your employees, keeping them engaged on bettering their health and attitudes toward fitness and personal goals.                                                  


Benefits of Corporate Wellness:

  • Better performance among workers

  • Healthier employees leads to a positive environment, ultimately lowering potential health care expenses and sick days

  • Greater opportunity to build relationships within the office promoting a sense of camaraderie that isn’t directly work related

  • Improved individual well-being and job satisfaction

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