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What is Included:

  • Detailed analysis of past and present medical, health, diet and exercise history, as well as current problems

  • Understanding client's weight, health and/or fitness goals

  • Recognising limitations and causes of weight and/or fitness plateaus, and coming up with accurate solutions

  • Provision of appropriate medical, rehab, dietary and/or fitness advice


Health & Fitness Consult

45 mins / face to face or Facetime

During my time as a coach, I have learned that most people know they need to stick to a healthy training and dietery regimen. What they lack is the right knowledge and guidance to achieve their goals. And that's where I step in.


  • If you’re new to exercise and don’t know where to start.

  • If you need guidance with your current training methods.

  • If you’re working hard at training but not getting results.

  • If you have a specific health condition and you're looking for a lifestyle solution around it.

  • If you have specific body goals (e.g. wedding, holiday, health reasons) and require help with meeting those goals.

  • You train a lot but want to understand how nutrition and lifestyle can help.

  • If you’re an athlete training for a specific sport.

  • You’re in need of specific rehabilitation for an injury, health and/or medical condition

Health & Fitness Consult:  5,000/- 


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