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What it Includes ?

  • Detailed General, Sport, Clinical and/or Pre-postnatal diet.

  • Online questionnaire to determine weight and/or fitness goals.

  • Detailed and customised 4 week diet plan with each meal of the day broken down for 7 days.

  • Includes breakfast, mid-day meal, lunch, mid-evening meal, dinner along with necessary recipes(pre and post workout meals where applicable.

  • Instructions based on dietary, fitness and/or health goals and exercise routine.

  • List of foods to avoid in specific clinical conditions.

  • Advice on supplements based on requirements.

  • Shopping list of ingredients required for the diet.

  • 2 online review assessments at 2 and 4 weeks respectively to check progress and make necessary adjustments.

Image by Brooke Lark


Nutrition Consult

1 hour / face to face or Skype

Nutritional assessment and dietary advice (regular, clinical, Pre-postnatal, and/or sport) for weight loss, lean muscle gain, improved stamina and endurance or overall wellbeing. Also applicable for those with special needs like athletes, sports players, and those with specific health/medical issues, pregnant and postnatal women. Getting monthly Dexa scans (gold standard for measuring fat percentage) is optional and will allow me to precisely track your fat loss and muscle gain

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