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I'd love to train you!

Feel free to get in touch with me.

Training forms :

  • Functional Training

  • Pre-Postnatal Fitness

  • Weight training

  • Diastasis Recti repair

  • High intensity interval training

  • Kettle bell training

  • Stability & Core training

  • Animal Flow

  • Resistance band training

  • Steady-state training

  • Kick boxing

  • Muay Thai

  • Fitness Agility, quickness & speed training

Recovery :

  • Self myofascial release

  • Foam rolling techniques

  • Stretching & flexibility training

  • Slow aerobic training

  • Mobility


Personal Training

(one on one)

Exercise has always been therapeutic to me, and it's my goal to help people see what their body is truly capable of doing. As a doctor who specialises in multiple areas of fitness, with over 6 years of training experience, I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients of different age group and fitness levels. After a basic fitness assessment, I design a customised program based on your weight, health and/or fitness goals. These one-one sessions will be fun, constantly varying and will make you fall in love with becoming your fittest, strongest self.


  • 45-60 minutes a day,

  • 3-5 days a week

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